I am new to posting and not sure what's appropriate to post where, even though I've been given the introduction from greeters who have laid out links and rules, there's just so many and instructions were never my strong suit wink my apologies for the cut/paste from a prior post in friends and family forum.

i am a 39 year old female CSA. I fight for children, boys and girls. When I walk in to my 11 year old sons classroom, I automatically gaze around the room... I know which children are one in four and one in six. I see it in their eyes ... their tired eyes those that are being abused. I spend sleepless nights wondering how can I save them. How can we stop this epidemic. How can I help another generation from suffering what we've been through.

Recently, two male friends from my high school came forward to me for the first time in their 39 years when they saw my facebook posts and realized it happened to me. I gave them names for therapists and psychologists and I gave them Male survivor groups locally...neither felt they were getting help - they are still suffering, not feeling any connections. I've been coming here for a year and you men were my last hope. I sent both friends here... For them to learn from you - this is the real reason why I'm here.

My friends, I know you know it's me if you read this - there are some great mentors here and most importantly - you are so not alone.