I agree with Jude, cosmos and LP. And I'm glad you brought up the subject CW because, as traveler (Lee) would tell you, it's been on my mind a lot lately.

I haven't worked for a traditional employer in...decades. Freelance (photographer, print advertising graphics). I don't have to deal with petty office politics and everyone's (obvious to me) hangups. You know, you have the pushy types, the weasels, the wimps, etc. I'd rather just concentrate on doing what I do well.

And I have the option of telling the worst of 'em to knock it off...without fear of retribution. I can always walk.

No daily commute, except to meet a client to head to a shoot. My hours are my own to utilize as best I see fit. Perhaps I have to srcap a little more than your average 9-5 worker, but I love what I do and I'm fully responsible for what I take in.

On personal relationships, well, I give people a chance and dump 'em if the behavior doesn't change. That's often a tough one, but keeping my mind quiet is more important to me. Had a friend of ten years who got involved with a crack addict, a completely codep relationship. I got sick of listening to the whining about the latest drama (almost two years of it) while my friend would blow me off on basic "friend" things. I ended up blowing HIM off. As far as I know he's still clueless or doesn't care.

Frankly, too, I've done that with dysfunctional family members. I make my case and if the behavior doesn't change they're history. I don't care, nor do I care what they think.

The bonus is that my "good energy" - don't mean to go New Agey - is reserved for everyone else, even casual acquaintences.