Today while writing to a friend I said I was doing well and not hurting. It then occurred to me that I really don't know if I am hurting or not as I have no frame of reference. As far back as I can remember in childhood I hurt badly. I now know the SA started when I was about 6 months old? I hurt from then forward. Thinking about it I probably am still hurting, it is just so much less than it was. A danger I see is not completing the healing process because I may think I am not hurting when it is a matter of the pain just being greatly reduced.

On a positive note to all my brothers that are in suffering big time pain, don't give up. It definitely gets better. The pain will greatly deminish. It takes time and work but it gets LOTS better.
Keep up the fight.

Thanks to all for making this a safe place to come for support, help, and comfort.



WoR Alumni - Hope Springs, Oct 23-25, 2009