I just learned that someone from my hospital systems corporate security came down to get some reports about the transaction. In addition, there were some complaints about some other what I would regard as minor stuff that were documented as part of the offical reason why I was suspended. One of the biggest complaints I have about my supervisor is that she gets complaints about stuff and Im only told about them during my annual review. To be fair to her, I work night shift and we don't get a chance to see each other often, however I do have a corporate email which she could always write me a note and let me know what the problem is. This way I could handle it because I know and would be able to recall the circumstances that led to it. The person who complains about it rarely lets me know themselves and when they do most of the time they don't let me know the gravity of the situation. I'm not saying that I am not at fault in these situations but I don't like being surprised one day with them when I'm caught off guard.
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