A few things:

1) Your screen name and avatar are awesome.

2) My story and your story are very *very* similar: no memory of the abuse, but lots of the classic signs of sex-trauma PTSD.

3) I am a cradle Catholic, as I suspect you are, too.

That said, you are wrong to swallow hook-line-and-sinker whatever it is that the Holy Father's PR office is spitting out these days.

It was March 2010, when B16 dismissed allegations of child sex abuse by clergy, saying he would not be "intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion."

Needless to say, referring to "dominant opinion" implies a "minority opinion" that B16 refuses to publicly denounce.

I don't mean to shut down conversation on this matter, so please feel free to respond -- but I don't think you understand what you're saying. The papacy is rotten.

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