I understand that you guys are upset, but this article has taken the Pope's words out of context in a way that twists them to the opposite of their meaning.

If you read the address in its entirety, or if you've just followed Benedict on these issues over the years, this is what he is saying:

"Part of the reason that predators got away with crimes inthe past is that there were a lot of people at the time, including Catholics and supposed theologians, who said that nothing is absolutely good or evil, good and evil are relative, etc." He's saying that this is a BAD thing.

His entire papacy and everything he has ever written is in opposition to the idea that good and evil are relative.

People may not believe me, but while there are many corrupt Church officials, Benedict is a shining light among them. Within the limitations of what he can control, he has done more to clean up what he has called the "filth" in the Church than anyone. He was the one that shut down the corrupt Legion of Christ and more or less banished its predator founder Marcel Maciel, he was the one that centralized and made more effective the terribly ineffective system for dealing with accusations that existed under John Paul, and many of the Church figures who have done the best job of responding to the crisis are people who were appointed by him.

A lot of people have reasons to hate the Church's representatives, but don't believe everything that you read. The best way to get to know Benedictis to read his own books and speeches and the various interviews done with him.

If you want alternative takes on the Pope from abuse survivors who have met him, here are two:



A quote from the second from an abuse survivor who met him in Malta:

I did not have any faith in priests. Now, after this moving experience, I have hope again. You people in Italy have a saint. Do you realize that? You have a saint, he said, referring to Pope Benedict XVI.

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