I've been thinking about this question, and here's what bothers me about it. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like it's posed in a funny way, as if gayness needs to be explained or somehow blamed on CSA. And I don't like that idea. I think gayness is fine. Straightness is fine. But then there's the whole web of attraction and specific things that people like, all of which it seems depends on things in your life or the way you were wired. So I guess it makes sense that CSA has an impact on a person's sexual identity. Plus, the confusion from CSA can make everything muddy. It's all so fucked up and chaotic to me.

Anyway, this probably isn't helpful to anyone so far, but consider this: Listen to Dan Savage (Savage love podcast) for a positive and sometimes wrenching point of view on sexuality. Maybe what's true for me isn't true for anyone else, and that could go the same for all of us, but it's important that we don't live in shame and humiliation about who we are, what we are or what we like or are attracted to. No matter what we are attracted to. And Dan Savage is nothing if not accepting. That doesn't mean he accepts abuse, he doesn't. He holds people accountable. He demands honesty and decency. He wants NO ONE to be abused/used or whatever.

So that's my recommendation. I plan on listening to the latest podcast later today.