thread about similair issue

All we can do is learn and grow my friend this happens to the best of us it is called an honest mistake. Unfortunately we got this thing called the human factor , and that will always leave room for mistakes and the important thing is to focus on the preventive measures to insure things do not happen the same way again. Will they ? who knows but no this that if it does it just means that we are human and how does that old saying go


Just learn and grow my friend learn and grow think about anything positive you can take away from this. Being off , extra time to relax .

The importance of their stance on the issue . There are potential lawsuits for negligence . Maybe the pill would be found in another prescription or someone stealing or what ever they are justified in their action to insure things are more carefully observed ,l even though it is an honest mistake they have to cover their buts .

Do not take a mole hill and allow it to transition into a mountain. Learn and grow my friend learn and grow
and allow yourself to be better for it

peace and blessings
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