so mad I can't even articulate it.

I had an argument with someone and I was in the wrong and I admitted that and what makes me so upset is not that I was wrong but the assumptions the other person made about why I said what I said. I thought someone said that aspergers was the worst thing that could happen to a kid. I responded that was a pretty dumb thing to say. I used harsher language than that because I get upset when kids who have the chic disorders get all the attention and sympathy but kids who have other troubles are ignored by the public. He came back at me and I realized I had misunderstood him, he was actually saying that things used to be worse for autistic kids than they are now.

Anyway, I was wrong for my misinterpretation and the way I expressed myself and I apologized for both things but then he starts going off on me for being unsympathetic and he keeps saying that I have no idea how hard life is for some kids and that my narrow view of life is really shallow and that I need to realize not all kids had it as good as I did (!??!?!?!?!).

The dude knows nothing about me and its not even worth it to keep talking about it with him. Because the only place to go is to tell him how wrong he is and I'm NOT going to use my past to score debate points. But I'm just so angry that he could assume such things about me. I was far from perfect in the situation but as soon as he started feeling like he was winning the argument he just started piling on.

Ok, thanks for reading. So angry I'm shaking.

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