You have received great advice here TW, may I add? Multiply that times 1,000! Run, don't walk from this guy. He does not seem to want to recover, but rather is abusing you RIGHT NOW with trying to control you through money.

You may be considering this because you need the money, who does't? It may be that the attention you get from this man triggers a submissive abuse personality in you that controls you when you are conversing with him. Sit with how you feel around him, post in Ms and listen to the advice and experience.

Possible replies when he talks to you:
  • "I am not interested, thanks anyway."
  • "You have been a good co worker/supervisor/CEO/janitor, but this makes me uncomfortable, please stop talking to me about this subject."
  • "Whatever we have talked about in the past on this topic I am no longer interested in continuing."
  • (Anytime after one of the above) "I have told you I am not interested, if you persist I will have to contact management, good day."
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