I am brand new to this forum and this is my first post. I am hoping that by sharing my story, others who are much further along in their journeys will be able to offer myself and my family assistance.

The story is long, so I will try to condense it as much as possible. On December 23rd, my 17 nephew disclosed to me that his step-dad was giving him drugs, alcohol and sexually abusing him.

With that information I went straight to their home and told step-dad he needed to get out or I would be calling the police. He packed up his laptop and left. The very next day, Christmas Eve, my sister filed a restraining order and make a report to the local police.

Since that time, my nephew and his 6 year old sister have both had forensic interviews and sex abuse exams. The judge has already lifted the restraining order. My nephew, so overwhelmed with the situation became suicidal and was admitted to the childrens psychiatric unit for two days. While there, his urine was tested and was positive for Benzo's.

My sister never went back to her home. She moved herself and the children immediately. We met for the first time with the detective yesterday, 21 days after the report had been filed. At this time he had done nothing with the case. We informed him that there were incriminating text messages on the perp's phone and he was unsure whether or not he could get them. He stated that the step-dad doesn't have to talk to him if he doesn't want to. We left feeling help less and hope less. Can a case without strong physical evidence be prosecuted...I know I have left things out, so it's ok to ask questions. Thanks in advance for your help.