Hey everyone.

I decided today to sign up here (although not sure if I'm in the right spot) to try and get some support or even pointed in the right direction.

Recently I think I had what I can describe as a re-emergence of what I think are memories of possible abuse at a young age. The memories themselves seem dream-like, but vivid and they are only brief, short memories (this is from about 20 years ago). Not sure what to make of them, and I have had these memories for a long time and thought about them before, however recently I have found myself pre-occupied with these "memories" and increasingly anxious as a result. I had dismissed them thinking I had dreamt them and maybe I have, but I'm really not sure.

I am really unsure as to what to do, I'm not sure if this is this common, but after years of having these "memories" and now finally feeling as though they are catching up with me, I feel the need to do something. So here I am.

Any advice or anything would be appreciated.