1. How did your partner tell you of his CSA?
2 years after we first got together, while he was drunk/high/both, he was barely coherent, but said some things: "my problems are way too much for you to handle", "I was raped by my brother and his mates", "Are you happy now that you know?"
He then never spoke about it again, unless he was in a drunk coma-like state again, where he would say he "needs to end it", not sure exactly what he meant by that. I still do not know any of the details, if it occurred once or over a period of time etc. All I know is that I am the only person he has told.

2. Did you suspect there was something wrong?
I knew there was something up because he was drinking/partying A LOT leading up to the disclosure, never spent any time with me, would go AWOL all the time, found out later he was doing hardcore drugs for many months. I never knew it was CSA specifically though, just something seriously not right with his emotional state.

3. Did he immediately start a program of recovery?
Nope. Now, exactly one year later, he has not taken the step to start therapy/ready any books/join this site/deal specifically with CSA. He did go to a seminar for depression in general though, in Dec 2012. Yesterday, I made the decision to leave after 2 years of hell, I truly hope he now gets the help he need.