Hi JoziSA,

Thank you for your post.
Your timing was impeccable.

The message I originally posted was written 3 months ago and two months ago we broke up. We have been hanging out together recently and last night K and I got into a pretty big argument.
K told me to stop asking questions and bringing up his High School years because he isn't ready to deal with these issues. We talked a bit and he all, but 'admitted' to be being sexually abused. His reason for not wanting to deal with these issues is fear. He knows of people who have had to face their past and have turned into very angry people. He doesn't want that for himself as his life is decent as is. He also feels a lot of what happened was his fault.
He has made me promise never to bring it up again or do anything about this man. He's said that when and if he is ever ready he'll come to me.
As for being out to his family these incidence happened prior to him coming out.

Can you please advise on how I should proceed?
I would appreciate any advice you could offer.