I think that Lee gave you great advice TW.
Please be wise and look to be more protective to self, that means avoiding people who were mean and abusive toward you.
We survivors can be fooled and manipulated very easily, some our borders were shattered by others and under some circumstances that leaves open "doors" for problematic people, their offers and many problems.
Situation with how that guy approached you and offered money could be such example.

My advice for you is to avoid speaking about your experience as survivor to anyone whom you don't now, especially to strangers, people from work and people that you could meet while going out.
Think more, there are a lot of people who would like to use someone's weakness.
Many of us are confused with own sexuality, many times we don't know what we want from life, many times we are down and need some attention; those are doors for manipulative and dangerous people.
Try to avoid interaction with such people no matter how "friendly" they could pretend to be.

Keep sharing with us!


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