Hi Friends, I have recently discovered that my attraction to one of my many abusers (17 total & still counting) has returned with greater awareness than ever before. He was the key person who told me he loved me and cared about me when I thought no one else did(I was 12-13 he was married with children and aprox. 26 years old). He haunts my thoughts almost daily because I also realize that a person in my circle of friends, with whom I am totally attracted to, is the mirror image of the above mentioned abuser. I was looking at pictures of the abuser on his daughter's FB page and noticed the similarities to my friend with with whom I am presently totally attracted. I opened pics of my friend and the abuser and realized how much they resembled one another. For a short period all I could think about was how the two were so much alike in looks and as I reflected on it more, behavior as well. I was so mixed up over the holidays...torn between the attraction to my friend and my abuser simultaneously- I almost lost my mind! tonight, I still feel totally attracted to my friend but feel sick to my guts knowing that its the similarity to my abuser that