About a year and a half ago a coworker offered to give me money in exchange for sexual favors. At one point I considered it, but then decided to report it to management. My coworker was not fired, bwt he and I were told to stay away from each other. At one point my coworker told me that he had been abused, and told him I was also--not that this justifies his actions. This has bothered me because I actually considered having sex with him if he paid me. It scares me. That is why I said something to management, but I didn't tell anybody about me considering it.

Even though we are to stay away from each other, I had talked to this coworker, and be told me that the company is giving him a lot of money in exchange for his reignition. Though he accepted, he said it isn't fair to me because he was in the wrong and he is getting money as a result and I am getting nothing. Therefore he is offering to split the money with me. (He did apologize to me, but admitted to losing about the incident.) He also shed the company because of the way they handled the problem. I did accept his offer to split the money, but an amount has not been decided yet, and it will not be in exchange for sex. Should I be concerned? Why would I even be considering this? What is wrong with me?

Before this incident happened I never thought about having sex with my coworker, now I have been. Why? I am not even attracted to him.