That is wonderful feedback. I am glad you received the compassion you deserved. I did something accidentally and I thought stupid--I posted to the One Heart--the Penn State Facebook page a bit of what I was going through. I thought it was a private posting-but it wasn't. When I got the first message from a friend--I was dumbfounded and scared. It was very supportive. But out of fear I did not check my facebook page for several days. The messages had piled and I dreaded when I opened them--like you they were so supportive, compassionate and understanding. It seems those you know and not those that think they know everything (and I have few who think they know everything about CSA--but they don't) can open their hearts to the pain we suffered.

I hope it helps you and the triggers become less and life more enjoyable. I am waiting for that day. Good luck and thank you for sharing.