I was luckily never raped as a child , but there were things about me always odd enough !
I am only attracted to men , so might be gay but I never remember being sexually abused !
My SSA came when I was 13 and never went away but lately as I have crossed my 18 and become more aware , I feel they have increased..
I am 23 ...

Anyways sticking to the topic , I often hear how even adult male rape survivors are often horrified and thats understandable

but still what does it feel like on physical , emotional , mental , etc etc levels when rape (or gang rape ) happens to an adult man ???

Why does it break him away ?? (AND I have heard even men who were gay are horrified by gang rape experience .
I am not saying they should enjoy it or might have just coz they were gay
BUT humbly wondering , Why does rape (or gang rape) shake a man ( or gay man) so much ???