Although I'm new to the Male-survivor site, I'd enjoy meeting up with the Healing Circle, beginning Wednesday of next week.

Would welcome this opportunity to listen to others. Have I been listening to self for decades in a rhetorical sense the answer is yes to some extent yet I've been sensing a power greater then self, which continues to guide me; ust curious to know where was this power when I was being abused. I'm certain the answer will present itself the more i connect with others like myself)

As a spiritual person I'm interested in learning the views of others who have also experienced childhood traumas. The intent is to help me maneuver around the obstacles which I create. I have acquaintances yet my friends I would have to say are all in the spiritual realm (because they can't inflict pain) sad yet it is my truth which I've have come to love and accept.

So I would enjoy being a member of your group...let me know and thanks for two things and they are setting up the group and adding spell check (I'm such a terrible speller)