Holy crap. It feels good to be back on the site. Yesterday, I was walking through a lobby, just after 90 minutes with a new therapist (one who's practice practically describes me... CSA and all that bullshit), feeling very surreal and on the verge of chaos, but I'm in much better shape now, if only because I feel less raw.

And so I've decided to come back onto malesurvivor to share and seek support.

Also, last week I told first my father and then my mother the truth about what happened when I was a kid. It was pretty OK, as experiences go. I'm tougher than I used to be, so it wasn't a sob-fest. I just told them that I was about to freak them out, that the news was both a big deal and not that big a deal, and then I just explained what happened.

And so... here I am, trying to muddle my way forward.