This article is a re-tread of what used to come out of NAMBLA, before they were afraid to noise their doctrines about. One key NAMBLA claim was that there is such a thing as a "consensual" sexual relationship between an adult male and a prepubescent boy. Hence their motto "Eight Is Too Late" (┐possibly coined by poet Allen Ginsburg?, a NAMBLA founder) in their campaign to eliminate age-of-consent laws.

I saw some of NAMBLA's material on the web, before their full website vanished from the Internet. They referred to the child as the "young friend" and went on about how a child's nature as a "sexual being" should not be denied. Nonetheless, all the come-hither photos in their magazines were of the "young friends," never the "old friends." I left them an indignant message, and sent an E-mail to the FBI.

Children are not miniature adults. Their brains and bodies work differently at that stage of life. When a 6-month-old boy sucks a female breast, the purpose, experience and results are not the same as when an 18-year-old does it.