So the impossible happened...

I found a girl I like through a mutual friend of mine. But, I also am much more aware of my limitations when it comes to CSA. Mainly the lack of trust I have for individuals with my personal life and the fact that every time I go to open up to her... I close down and ignore her.

She also has Domestic Violence which is semi-current (I liked her before I found about it). My friend had tried to get her to sleep with me but I promptly refused because I have damage on that part of my life that I really haven't focused on. I told her right off the bat that I was a Survivor of CSA and she accepted me without comment or criticism.

I got the DV issues figured out and we have that under control at the moment (because that was a condition on my part once I learned about it) but what in the world do I do about the lack of trust?!?!?