Thank you all for the advice! I suddenly slept most of yesterday afternoon out of the blue. I skipped the morning coffee and was groggy all day. Although I had a terrible headache last night, I was able to fall asleep at about 11:30-midnight and slept to 9am. Woke up feeling great, and in an oddly optimistic and productive mood. Hopefully I will be back on a normal schedule now.

D - I am hoping to start writing more here, I read a lot, but haven't responded much (except privately to a few folks) and hope to post more of my own stuff.

Matt - I am not on any medication at all, but I think I could probably use something for my gets the best of me. And probably something for my mood too.

Gary - I often come here when I can't sleep, but tend to read instead of what would be more likely to help---trying the chat room and actually "talking"