Thanks Jude - You are a 'legend'.

I just realised that in my attempt to cover what he told me I ended up down playing the most important part. So I will expand......
He said when he thinks about what he did it horrifies him that he actually did it - I believed him - it seemed genuine but now I'm not sure if he was just in damage control mode. Saying what I need to hear.

He did say SORRY!!!

He said that he was truly sorry for what he did and that if he knew then how much pain it would cause he would not have done it. He said that he just thought it was a bit of fun - people tell you that you can do these things and you want to try them.

He tried to say he wasn't a real pedophile and I explained quite clearly to him that yes he is. His resosponse - nob, look down, 'oh...OK' . There is 10 years difference and a clear difference in power.

He said he wished someone had told him that it wasn't ok (in reality he should have known because he got in trouble more than once for show and tell). If show and tell is bad then surely putting your dick in a 3-4 year old's mouth is worse. I am aware of his need to downplay what happened and his concern that I will press charges against him.

But I have to remember - He did say sorry and he seemed to be sincere about it.

More than meets the eye!