Something i really needed to here today , got it in an email today from a friend at church.
I thought it was fitting after all the drama in the other forum.
( PERFECT timing )
I am human i do make mistakes and i like everyone else am still working
On my life my recovery and the main hindrance my emotions

God is the real hero of the Bible. Why do so many Bible characters have serious flaws? The answer is simple. Thatís all God has to work with. All the perfect people are in heaven. The only ones on earth are the folks with serious weaknesses. The talent pool has always been pretty thin when it comes to moral perfection. God works with sinners because thatís all he has to work with. In heaven we will all be vastly improvedĖperfected by Godís grace. But until then, he uses some pretty ornery and shallow people who fall short in many ways, and he does some amazing things through them.
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus