What you describe is exactly how I was in the near-final stage of my nervous breakdown in October. I'd go 2-3 nights without sleeping, then the next night I'd get maybe 2 hours, then another 2-3 of nothing. Was never tired, wide awake, got more awake at night. Late night movies becoming all night movies - check! Around that time I lost my senses of both hunger and taste - didn't want to eat and it was all just clumpy paper when I forced it, when I ate because my watch said I should - before I started forgetting. There was then either 1 or 2 days with no food at all, I just couldn't be bothered, just didn't care. Never tired or hungry.

Final stage was finding myself in places where I didn't know where I was or how I got there, eventually pieced together it was a storage room in my office building, crying.

Call a psychiatrist immediately. Not a therapist - a psychiatrist. Get something for the anxiety; if you're already on something, it isn't working so change it. Sleeping with pills does not feel good, in fact it felt damaged and humiliating, but without sleep you will NOT recover. Took me 2 months to regain the ability to sleep like a normal man and I have never valued it more.

I repeat: get help immediately, pharmaco-medical help, so you can sleep. Do it as soon as it's light out again.


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