Hi guys, i`m not sure how to go about all of this, but let me start off saying that this place makes me feel weird, good, but weird.
Getting to read stories of people who have gone through the same struggles that i have, seen faces of life that, although family and friends try to understand, they never do.
Getting to know i'm not alone, and that my pain is not isolated.

That is all so scary!
so, real.

Well, this is my first actual post, i'm writing from a kindly balanced tranquility, edging into some kind of trigger, looking over to some kind of fleeting peace.
My struggle over the years has come to a weird plateau-ish situation.
there is always this sense of crawling on a razor`s edge.
between pain, addiction, dependance and self security happiness and love.

I would love to go deeper into my own story, but what i actually want to do now, is ask you all, how did you work out your own story, in the sense, how have you told youselves your own tale?

Did any of you find yourselves always looking for symbols?
because somehow i got used to always grabing onto stories, books, characters, carrying these symbols everywhere i went, trying to look into fiction for role models and some kind of certainty.

Well, i introduced myself in the introduction tread, but anyhow..
I`m Lu, for short, victim of CSA for many years, i`m 23, i live in Brasil.
glad to meet my brethren in chaos.