I just started remembering an attack that happened a few years ago. An ordeal of over 12 hours that left me physically and mentally broken. It's crazy how we keep memories from ourselves.. I am finding it difficult to get any support anywhere in my community. There are literally no sources for men, especially men who went through what I did. I can't afford a therapist, but was hoping for a group session or something. Maybe this place will help me out. Our society basically doesn't know or doesn't choose to believe that these attacks occur. I myself did not realize they occurred until this happened to me. I'd really like to talk to some people who had similar experiences. What happened to me was beyond sadistic and violent, and I don't understand how people can just do what they did to me without any issues. I never did anything to anyone and yet this happened to me. I honestly don't know how I survived, and considering the health problems I'm having now, I'm not sure how long I will be around or how I will need to live to keep my health up. Man this is tough. Thanks for your time.