When I was 19 or 20 (?) I was transferred from a level 6 (mdoc will tell u no such thing exists..) ICF because I attacked a guard.
I am a jerk for this. I admit it.
The cpl or lieutenant or who the f ever came to my all steel cell and said "So, You like to fight do ya?"
some of the worst words I ever heard.
RMI was next. Level 4 for lifers under 21 years old. They had a policy that allowed 2 cons to box it out in a ring with gloves. THis was so that the 2 men didnt decide to kill each other instead as we were all just punks doin forever. Conflict resolution or somethin.... Actually worked until the dirty night screws got hold of it.
They just wanted to gamble.
Fought 5 times.
3 of 5 were bare knuckle boxing matches (that, of course, someone was trying to rig) and those 3 opponents were selected by the guards. I didnt even know one of them, and its a walled prison for Christs sake!
The other 2 matches were gloves on, callout style 'legitimate' fights.... per "policy"
Infirmary needs were ignored, gang grouping rules ignored.. F@#$ing main attraction.
Fractured orbital... no medical care.
Fought again next day.
That shit is rape.
Caused wars amongst gambling mags and cons alike.
RMI was closed in 2000 something and "revamped".
No one remembers but a bunch of (worthless) cons.. or excons, and some crooked guards.
No one cared then.. no one does now.

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