The Stuebenville rape case is indeed troubling... but let's make sure we have the facts right.

Where did you get the number "five to 20" potential rapists? I've been following this story, and this is the first I've heard of that number.

The case, as it stands right now, alleges that 2 members of the football team raped a high school girl in August 2012, not "this week," as you write above. It is true that other perps could be named, but 5 to 20? Where did that come from?

I am not a mod here, so really I have no business saying so -- but if you're talking about the news, especially triggering rape news, you should make sure that your facts are correct.

Also, it is a good practice to put links to the news story into one's post so that others can read about what is being discussed.

Here's a link from The Nation that covers the protests that happened in Steubenville over the weekend and latest developments in this story:


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