So we've learned the idiosyncrasies of the UK justice system and the "freedom" of their press by the fact that names in the on-going elite pedo ring investigation spurred by the Jimmy Savile revelation.

One such idiosyncrasy is they don't name names of suspects arrested for alleged criminal conduct, and if a news outlet or blog were to name a name, it would jeopardize the prosecution of him.

Well, the Needle Blog, link below, which has been following this story, just today "named the dead," and listed 6 men's names -- all deceased -- because one point were UK and US law agree is that the dead cannot sue, nor can they be prosecuted.

The names include 3 members of Parliament, a major figure of UK far-right neo-Nazi politics; a criminologist who specialized in sex offenders; and an art historian who was stripped of his knighthood when it was revealed he was a Soviet spy.

The typical caveats apply here. This is not a mainstream news source, this is merely a blog... but it's a blog that's been following this story and seems credible.

When this story finally breaks in the UK, it hopefully will trigger a similar house=cleaning here at home.

Here's that link I promised you: http://theneedleblog.wordpress.com

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