I'm not sure exactly if it's related to sexual abuse or not. I guess I didn't make it too clear. We didn't exactly meet first and then have the phone situation take place. We spoke for months over the phone and really grew to learn of each other. We only lived a few blocks away, but I was very busy until one day where we finally met in person. We were very comfortable and raw around each other. Felt a lot of peace and acceptance. After our split, we didn't really split emotionally or energetically, just technically if you know what I mean... Until 2012 after everything that was expressed to me. He had been in and out of my life due to his own issues. He wanted to pick up the phone and call me at times but didn't due to fearing a lack of control over how our conversations would be. I'm very straightforward. He likes beating around the bush.

How do you feel about never have spoken to someone you've known for so long over the phone? That's a long time!