Don't really care if you guys agree with me or not . If you do not want an OPINION
Than do not ask for it . I can make what ever statement i want Period .

There's so much more would love to say but it will only cause drama
But I will say I do not voice my opinion on topics that I know will cause drama
Such as a two parent gay household or gay marriage or any of that
Those are topics I will stay away from
but in general all I try to do is give my honest opinion
no one said you had to like it
so as far as saying try not to talk about this or that is absurd.

I guess as long as everyone agrees with one another it is okay
But boy do not let someone's opinion that you do not agree with
Come into the topic of discussion then all rights of freedom of speech go out the window

So whatever I will agree to disagree

I almost forgot about the comment a female cannot raise a boy into a man

Did you seriously believe that I was talking a bout it not being a possibility
Because clearly females do raise boys and they do become grown
All I was trying to convey is their mentality will be different
The same as if a man raises a female
They would probably be more into sports or do more manly type things this argument is completely asinine. If you want to get that damn detailed into stuff
giving a list off names of all men who have been raised by a female is completely
Unnecessary I did not know I would have to explain every piece of this opinion
But I guess if it would've been in line with everybody else's thinking
it would be okay

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