Yes, I know that it's not the same as being gay or bi or straight. One of the reasons why I mentioned other relatives is that I believe there might be a genetic piece to it all. I actually have not mentioned this to my psychologist because I do worry about disclosure. I've been seeing him for about two years and I've been developing trust with him. I'm not saying that I don't have other issues besides this. It's a very risky thing to disclose when mental health professionals have so much flexibility in reporting people. I'm crazy but not stupid. There is very little empathy for people with these attractions even when they have not offended.
Besides, I read that there is very little effective treatment for my attractions. I also see a psychiatrist and take anti-depressants.
About those 'boylove advocates': I know they're nutjobs and very dangerous. They've always reminded me of Scientologists. I know who has my best interests in mind and it's not them. I will take a look at those websites though.

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