I don't know if you are using the "full screen" option on the reply thing, but it's a lot easier to copy the sentences you want to highlight, and hit the " button above:
Can I be direct and ask you if you have arousal of idea of urination or defecation into diapers?
but put the sentence/paragraph you want in between the quote/quote option.

Now about your post:
I've worked with a number of diaper fetish clients over the years. Sometimes it is a matter of comfort and other times it is arousing. Sometimes it is both. Either way, people are embarrassed to share this with others, including therapists. You need to find a therapist experienced in diaper fetishes if you want to better understand it and give it up. Wishing for incontinence is pretty drastic. You could learn to live with it or work on ways to change it.

The technical term is "infantilism" and you may look it up in Wikipedia or google it (you may need to use google scholar to avoid ads for sites such as adult diaper world or other such places.)

Good luck with this.
Blissfully retired after 35 years treating sexual abuse