Very triggering article about pedophilia frown

Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light

The Jimmy Savile scandal caused public revulsion, but experts disagree about what causes paedophilia - and even how much harm it causes

I'll add to all those "experts" that are coming from parts of worlds within "non touching" and cold cultures (US and UK are among coldest) and that are playing experts and doing analysis on this issues, they all should firstly learn a lot more about simple things such as love, touch and empathy to be able to comment and openly lament about such delicate matters as child abuse it.
Otherwise it looks just like some sociopath is coldly playing with object of some interest. It looks like all acts of such heartless person, like some empty wasteland space without any warmth, feelings and living beings. But yeah such persons can't see not feel neither that emptiness.

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