Oh, go figure one of my Best MS Buds is right there for me. Thnx Gary.

I have to admit, since you brought it up, there's still a satisfaction value to it. And it usually takes care of shit...i.e., they'll go pick on someone easier.

When I moved in here a few years ago a neighbor family made it clear they were going to be a pain and it eventually escalated to them trespassing, making threats and one of them physically assaulting me. It ended up in court with a watertight restraining order they haven't broken, lest their son/brother immediately go to jail for a year. And they had to spend several thousand dollars. A friend descibed it as being the Alpha dog. And, yeah, I'm satisfied. It turned out well. I feel safe.

And, as I said, I confront and/or walk away to lower my stress level. I guess most people don't and that's what the jerks expect.