all I know is that if I say to someone

call me anytime if you need something


i'll be there for you

I actually mean that...

I've had a few people actually take me up on those offers and I've always followed through... I've had a couple of people call me in the middle of night, i'm sleeping, because they are having trouble with an issue and they needed someone to listen to them.

did I get upset because they woke me up? nope
did I tell them to call me later so I could sleep? nope

what did I do?

I stayed on the line and listened. offered support when they asked for it. did not gripe once.

had another friend of mine come to my door, several years ago, at 3:00am ringing the door bell. I got up answered it. did I get mad at him? nope...

I invited him in because he was having an issue that he was having trouble dealing with. I stayed up for a few hours listening and talking to him until he fell asleep on my couch....

nope, I don't have any secret codes when I say things...

if I say those things... I MEAN THEM.....
live another day. climb a little higher.

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