Thanks Pero and Candu

I thought I would start by discussing my 'getting ready' rootine at the risk of revealing how neurotic and narcissistic I really am. I just hope that out of 10,840 members some of you can relate.

So I spent the night at my parents in law.

Didn't get much sleep which was to be expected but pissed me off because I wanted to look my best. Then I decided it was a good thing to see that I had lost sleep about it. I got up and washed my face and wet me hair then dried it. I didn't brush it because I wanted to have that messy, I just woke up and threw on a shirt kind of look. Like I didn't give a shit about impressing him.

Next I moisturised my face, arms and legs. I wanted to look like the picture of youth and vitality (the opposite of him). I also wanted that slight shine to my skin to accentuate every Oz of muscle on my arms and legs. I had a bit of a stress induced pumple breakout earlier that week and was pleased to see it had completely cleared up and I was now clear skinned again. I shaved my face and trimmed my goatee the day before so I would have a good stubble by friday to define my jaw line.

The outfit.
I decided to wear a polo and shorts (it is hot here). Again I wanted to look like I didn't give a shit about impressing him and just always look good even when I'm not trying.

Shirt - singlet too obviously showing off, T-Shirt too casual, button up shirt too formal - like I was trying too hard to impress. The v-neck of the polo would also show off my chest hair. I decided on a steel blue/grey polo because they really make my blue eyes pop (or so I've been told) and to compliment my dark tan. And a manly colour and just my favourite colour. I have 4. I took them all just in case. They are all tight across my chest and around my biceps (pretty short sleeves) - obviously areas that any man wants to look bigger.

Shorts - Khaki - I have 3 and took them all. All cut just above the knee so when I sit down the ride up and show of my upper leg muscles. Obviously a snug fit around my butt and ..... front.... if you know what I mean. I wanted him to know I was packing heat. I was going to go commando - then realised that I may get aroused and did NOT want him to see that. So opted for a supportive/uplifting pair of jocks. I feel like an idiot saying this but again hoping I'm not alone. Wasn't a problem in the end but It was a good idea after all. I had not considered the copious amount of precum I ended up leaking as I discovered when I went to the toilet after (didn't realise at the time). Wet patch on my shorts WOULD have been embarrassing!!!

I tried on each shirt twice - to see which one was more flattering today. Then each pair of shorts at least 4 times and checked my butt in the mirror and sat down in them each time before deciding on a pair.

Shoes my favourite pair of 'Vans' sneakers (causual canvas skater type shoe) with no socks. Again 'I just threw them on'.

I was ready!!!!

Then I took off my shirt and put on a singlet. I had a 3 hour drive and new from experience I would be sweating like a pig. I would stop and change my shirt just before I got there. I was right - that was a good idea. My sweat smells gross when I am stressed.

But wait - expensive silver watch and wedding ring (just to remind him I am married and he is not x 2. (I don't always wear my ring because it would be damgeous with my job). Watch to show how much better off I am. Finally brand name sunnies on my head.

Now I am ready - full of confidence with a swagger in my step.

HaHaHa. Sooooo now at least you all know how vain I am. If nothing else I hope you got a laugh about how weird I am.

More than meets the eye!