I'm coming out of hiding/posting to respond to this, because I struggle with making a lot of assumptions about what other people mean when they speak.

How do I know what they're saying is not what they mean? I'm passing a lot of judgment and being rather presumptuous when I assume that someone means something terrible, when in fact, they may be doing the best they know how.

It's an ugly way to experience someone's lack of awareness to pass a judgment on them as if they don't care, when in fact, they may feel simply overwhelmed. Someone can care and mean well, but not know how to provide the support we need.

I experience this with my sponsor; fortunately, he's old enough to be my dad, wise beyond his years, and admits his shortcomings readily. Sometimes he'll say things that don't fit what I feel like I need, but if I pass judgment on what he's saying rather than taking it for what it is, then I completely shut down our interaction between us, and shut off any potential for future understanding and empathy.

I hope that made sense. I'm going back into hiding now.