I keep coming to the same conclusion, over and over and over again:

We are inconvenient. Like smashed bugs on a windshield, we just ruin the view...annoy...cloud the picture. Try to fix us with the jet-spray windshield thing. We just smear. "Oh fk! This again!!!"

To deal with smashed-bugs, the normals use coded dialogue. Perhaps you've heard some of it?

"I really hope he finds the help he needs" is code for "just keep him away from me, I can't do anything for him and I don't want him around. If he "finds the help he needs," it won't be near me, cuz I can't offer anything."

"hey! call me if you need anything" is code for "please just get away from me right now, I have the kids' basketball to get to."

"I'll be there for you" aka "I'm always here for you" actually means "I'm interested in how you do with this shit, until it costs me too much emotion, stress, time, inconvenience, hair-spray, etc."

You guys hear any good lines of Normal Code?