I have posted before and would like to know if anyone can recommend a therapist in the NYC area.

I was sexually abused by a neighbor as a young child, but I never told my parents about it.

I am single, in my late 30s, and would like to get married. I always promised myself that the only person I would reveal this is to is my wife, but of course I never married. I did tell my best friend.

A woman whom I considered marriage potential recently broke up with me. She cited as part of her reasons is that I seemed secretive/ashamed about my family. In fact, I had been thinking hard about telling my parents before telling her.

Have people hear experienced problems with relationships with women due their past abuse? Perhaps its best to tell a woman once you are serious with her?

Maybe a therapist can help me decide if it is prudent to tell my parents and can also help me with my relationships (I have had many failed relationships with women. Of course, I don't know how much of this is tied to my past abuse.)

Any insight and help is greatly appreciated.