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I would love to know if there are any programs that do not rely on the individual having a spiritual belief. I find it hard to find solace in these programs because of this common aspect. I know they have tried to water down this aspect to make it accessible to all, but my overly rational brain keeps stumbling over this part because it is really key to the "letting go" of any sense of control. I have always argued (with myself) to be self aware of the path I make for myself. I do not believe I am destined to be happy or sad, succeed or fail. I believe I control these choices and am fully responsible for my wrongs to others. This keeps me grounded and honest so to speak. This is my moral code. How do I marry this fundamental belief that I am fully responsible for everything that happens or does not in my life with a 12 step program that rely's on a relationship with an external power?

This is my post from another thread. I really would like to know if anyone has found a way to overcome this. Someone said to get past my stubborness but I can honestly say this is not a factor. I was raised catholic, have no specific, personal issues with god, religion or spirituality. I have always wanted to believe and attended church long after I stopped having faith, but I simply don't. Unfortunately, it is not something one can fake or fool themselves into believing. I believe we are all connected and I believe their are forces at work that we do not yet understand, but I believe these are forces in nature, science, etc, and are random and follow only the laws of science... not an external force of goodness.

I WANT to believe otherwise so I can find some solace in the comfort of a god. I want to benefit from a 12 step program, but without this believe these remain inaccessible to me.

Has anyone else found something like coda or alanon that worked outside of this basis or has anyone found a way to make these programs work without a central faith belief?
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