On one hand this is so compleatly tariffing to think you could think all is well wile being with your past abuser. Yet on the other hand remembering the betrayal of someone so close to you equates to worse then death for the mind. this is one Eft up dilemma. Would EMDR work for this and or help resolve and process the repression. I am in the same boat, I don't want to manufacture something that is not real, yet sometimes I think there's more to the story. My mind works over time to forget the the curent stress of the day. Who knows what it has forgotten in the past. some times feel like I am on a raft in the middle of the ocean and a giant wale is about to swallow me whole.

Thanks for making a place for me.

We can figure this stuff out, you guys are smart and we know how to survive csa
Just because it's complicated doesn't mean we can't figure it out.