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DA is when you get molested by your father, maybe for years, you instantly forget it without even trying to forget it, and remember him as never molesting you. Then years later as an adult, you start remembering it in flashbacks and such. Not just father: [INSERT ANY ABUSER WHO HAD PERSISTENT POWER OVER YOU].

This kinda stuff scares me, it makes me wonder if maybe I've forgotten about stuff in my past, and how would I ever know if it actually happened? I'm only 20 but it feels like it's very possible I could be affected by this. I really began to worry when I heard my abuser (my cousin) was abused by his step-dad (My uncle), whom I remember being terrified of. (Which I don't even know if that is true, and I'm not about to ask my abuser, let alone speak to him). So what if I was abused by my uncle? I feel like there's some deep dark buried thing in my past, I could be making it up in my mind but it's how I feel. Also, this happened to my aunt. Her husband raped/abused her and her kids and she's just now remembering everything. It's terrifying. My family is just ravaged with CSA history, on both my parent's sides.
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