Wow. I need to read your stuff on a good day! I struggle to get my thoughts clear and put them down so that people can understand them. (I'm not always successful) If it wasn't for my CSA I would be a far better writer. wink

I agree with you that it is so easy to attribute more problems to CSA than is deserved. While childhood is often made out to be a carefree period in a person's life it is anything but.

But before I did reading on CSA I didn't think it was as significant a factor in my behaviour. I had other things when growing up that I thought were more significant. Negative stuff that other "normal" kids of the time had as well.

I don't see it as an abuse pot and a normal pot. I just see it as an accumulation all influences and the more negative the more likely you have more negative behavious in your life.

My sister said that she emotionally switched off after one period of abuse. She was crying and then in the middle she stopped and after that point her emotional responses were effected. She said later she couldn't relate to the other girls from school and theire reactions about emotional stuff. The abuse wasn't sexual abuse but was instead physical abuse. But her reaction to it were perfectly described in books on CSA that I have read.

So I wrote this at work (multiple interruptions) and have not been able to go over. I hope it makes some sense. If not then blame it on my CSA. Don't even think that the 2 hrs of sleep last night have anything to do with it. (Up all night due to a cold, my head is mush)