Martin, you have always been a beacon of hope, so reading your last post concerns me deeply. Take the time you need... everyone deserves a break. But use the break to re-energize. Know that we are not entirely shaped by CSA and sometimes other factors impact our relationships. Maybe there is more impacting your wife's state. Don't assume anything. Ask, ask, ask. There is nothing more important to me than to have my husband ask questions and listen, really, really listen to the answers instead of assuming the cause and trying to fix it. That just leaves me feeling more misunderstood, more emotionally isolated. Remember also that this is a journey we are on and nothing but our final breath on earth is final. Things may seem terrible with your wife and daughter, but what never changes is the fact that everything changes. Be patient with yourself and your life.

Also Whome, I have found myself at times spending too much time in the safety of this forum and helping others in the past to the degree that I realized it was becoming a way to avoid my own reality. Take care this does not happen with you. Your support here is appreciated by so many, but all will understand if you post less in favour of spending more time on the relationships with those that really matter to you.

Nothing more insightful or specific I'm afraid... but at the end of the day, we all just seek hope I think. We must (will) stumble through the details on our own, but here I hope you can find hope to go on with strength and optimism.

Be well Martin.
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