Hey Jason,

Welcome to the other side of 30, heh heh. Being overweight, using food to feed your emotions is one of my most difficult coping mechanisms too. Take heart, there is hope but first at least for me I needed to become aware of the emotional overload in each situation before I could calm myself enough to compensate with a couple of slices of pizza and soda versus the whole family size pizza and liters of soda.

I began to feel the emotions, felt the surge and the panic, using a calming breathing, stretching and visualization technique to slow down my chaotic thinking. This helps me to slow the process of climbing up on my coping mechanism of overeating. Then I have to drink water or chew on carrots, salad, fruit and nuts while I am in the grip of the coping mechanism so that the harm of overeating is minimized. Sometimes this helps, other times is off to fins a bag of chips and dip! Finally Jason, don't beat yourself up after an episode, relax and tell yourself that this is a learning experience, this is you maturing, this is okay as long as you are trying to understand how to heal yourself. It's okay.

Depriving oneself, not buying the snacks, fighting the urges all these did NOT work for me. Being my own friend and encouraging slow, really slow, steady change while supporting myself through affirming thoughts and actions is beginning to work.

I recently purchased a weight loss plan that balances the food I do eat with other foods the help burn the calories quicker coupled with eating more often and feeling that support. I have never purchased a plan before so I hope it encourages me to persist and not just to begin again. This time I am in my corner as well as the diet, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for the share Jason, you are not alone, but you will have to do this at least part of the time by yourself. Make those times your good and pleasant times by realizing what triggers you into an overeating episode, then come to Ms and share. The life experiences of this group of survivors will support you, giving you practical behavior for you to try out.

You have been successful in the past dealing with coping mechanism, you will be successful with this.
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