Very nice poem Dragon, I like it a lot!
I wish you the best in this year. Please keep fighting for yourself and your kids.

When I meet couple of buddies last year and found about destructive forces that have challenged them as survivors who were left alone without any support and when I've learned for later outcome I was wondering has there been any possibility to do something, to reach somehow, to try to see what is coming and to try to avoid it.

I'm still not sure what is the correct answer and could something be different now. But I have feeling that we as community completely failed, we didn't even try to help frown

The most of all hurting me knowing for "friends/family" who were cause of all pains to my brothers survivors. How can they live every day not thinking of their crimes?
Nothing has left after them, just couple of imprisoned young-men...
I can't help myself and to stop thinking where are those bastards now and what are they doing. It could be easily that they are involved into damaging and hurting some new victims frown
I spit on earth where they walk...

I'm praying for miracle to happen, with such monsters waiting on every corner around even that would not be enough.

Please know that you are one of my heroes!
If I'd decide to get some formal education related to therapy be aware that you and other brothers who are going trough the worst are my biggest inspiration.
You all deserve only the best from this world.

Here is my warmest hug for you


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